Blue Coat of Awesome

Earlier this year I had designed, drafted and cut out a pattern for a rather ostentatious coat. It was made from a blue wool flannel I got from Ebay about a year or so ago. The lining was a silver leopard print polyester satin from Lincraft. Also the Faux Fur was a remnant.

I wanted it to be for the Winter. Well, somehow it ended up sitting on a shelf unsewn for months. So many months, that it’s pretty much already Spring. Then I was all like “I should really sew that blue coat and I’m bored and even though I should sew stuff for Summer I’ll sew this instead” And so I did. I did pretty much all of it in 3 days. And a few days later hemmed the lining. Anyway here are some photos.

Back viewLining

The skirt part is actually one and a half circles. If I added both of the peplum parts together they would be two full circles. Super swishy and fun. The peplum is also lined with the leopard print satin. another note is that I used the top half (from the waist up) of the jacket from vogue 1132 and drafted a shawl collar. It does up with a button but you can’t see it because the fur is very furry. Oh and the coat weighs a ton. It was an all destroying monstrosity when I put it through the machine.  But I managed. And hemming it took a while. Well it took up 3 metres of fabric so yeah. Photos do not do this justice at all. It turned out way better than I expected.

Also I may be tempted to make  this again without the peplum and with furry cuffs and a furry hem. Maybe it cream wool with white fur or leopard print wool with purple fur. And yes I have a HUGE crush on leopard print and faux fur.

I’ll finish with a picture of what the back looks like to give you an idea of the fullness. With the peplum a little askew:




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Four Real McCoy1950s sewing patterns that are mine and you can’t have them because they are mine and I am a meanie-greedy-guts-poopy-pants.

While trawling around various people’s sewing blogs, I have come across posts that involve photos of sewing-bloggers’ (vintage) sewing pattern hoard accompanied by little anecdotes about where/how they were obtained. Sometimes the price will be mentioned if one had purchased the pattern. Usually I read these posts and drool over the sewing patterny (mostly vintage) goodness. Like many other sewing bloggers, I too, posses a small stash of vintage sewing patterns. And because I know that people enjoy drool posts (I sure do), I am creating this post containing not only photos/scans of some my vintage (1950s) sewing patterns, but also information about how they came into my possession.Image

I got these two from Etsy. They didn’t have envelopes but they came with a picture of the original envelopes as was mentioned in the description. I don’t remember how much I payed but it was less then $35 all up including another non-50s pattern and shipping. I really like view 2 of the dress (8505). I have some deep purpley-blue silk dupion that would rustle up quite nicely into that dress. The blouse is pretty nice, too. Although not quite something I would go out of my way to wear. Unless it was made in silver leopard print or some sort of bright water colour floral abstract print silk charmeuse in bright tropical colours like that $100 metre one I saw at Clegs… Hmmmm… Image

This was one of the first vintage patterns I bought. I purchased it from ebay for about $15 (sans shipping). I am tempted to make it in red like view A. Duchess satin perhaps? Oh and I love the bow. I love bows on everything. Especially bows like that one. Yum. And now, moving onto the Gem of my whole pattern collection…Oh. My. Fudge. Sticks. I want to get married in this dress. Actually, no, I will, because I doubt anyone would be able to design something awesomer. Gaston Mallet is a genius. I don’t know who he is but judging by his French name he was probably a really up-there designer. Everything about it is gorgeous. The bodice is all nice and the ruffle at the back of the skirt is all ruffly and amazing. AND IT HAS SLEEVES! Nice sleeves. And big fluffy skirt. Now to take a break from my spazzing and explain how this came into my possession. I saw this on a vintage patterns site selling for $125 and I was thinking that was rather pricey. Even considering the fact that it was A. A wedding dress B. Designed by a French designer who was probably knighted for his superior designing abilities. Anyway, after scouring the internet for this pattern, I found it on Etsy for $45. The envelope was torn and the pattern was used but all the pieces were there. I snapped it up faster than you could say “It was meant to be”. Seriously, I don’t think I could have gotten it any cheaper. Lucky me.

I hope you all enjoyed my little post of vintage goodies. There will be more posts like this in the future. Perhaps involving 1960s patterns and 1970s patterns. I’m not good at conclusions so, yeah… Tootle-oo!

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